Valuing an Opal

We at Australian Opal Cutters has extensive experience in cutting opals for over 45 years. We use industry standard program called "Smart Chart" to value any natural opals in detail.

The program will assess 13 characteristics of an opal to determine its value: Variety, Body Tones, Brighteness, Transparency, Colour, Hue, Outline, Profile, Pattern, Display, Distribution, Inclusions and Weight.

We recommend having your opals valued every few years as fine quality opal will increase in value each year as much as 15%, so let us tell you what its worth today.

Written Valuation $75

Verbal Valuation $25

(Prices are for each stone or a piece of jewellery)


Examples of categories that needs to be assessed to finalize the value:


Colour: is best when multidirectional. You should be able to see different colours from variety of angles.


Brightness: intense, brilliant colour is more valuable. High quality opal will show you colour without direct light


Pattern: large blocks of colour are preferred. Harlequine pattern is the most valuable.